Service Overview

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In Fujitsu DC we provide VMs as many as you want at any time.
You gain development and management Environment with low costs, according to your business.


Select a system structure from the templates corresponding to your needs.
OS/middleware with high security for the public network(The Internet).
Quick start.
Hourly-based pricing.
Setup or configure the system and firewall with a browser/API.
Easy Operatable through browser/API.
Protect data by redundant systems, reserve VM persormance and VPN connection.


Obtain userID
Login to the Service Portal
Download the client certificate
Select the system template
Customize the system structure
Display the estimate
System deployment
Login to VM
Install and configure applications
Configure firewall
Display the resource status
Add/delete VMs
Display the bill


Example As a development environment
When you need a development environment, rapidly get ready with low cost using the service.
Example To provide a new service
Examin the buisiness needs and availability with low risk by small start.
Also examine how much of resouce for the new service you need before installing them at your DC.
Example As a disaster recovery
Supply your existing system or as a disaster recovery, additional system resource
*This service might not fit your needs depending on your system.