About Consideration/Restriction/Prohibition

FUJITSU Cloud Service S5 contains the flowing notifications/limitations/considerations. Before starting to use the service, please read below.



- For running smooth service operation, we will maintain the service regularly.
During the maintenance, both logging into the Portal Site and accessing via API are temporally unavailable.
Regular maintenance is implemented about few hours every month.


1. If you disable the network adaptor on VM, or change the private IP address, you might lose connection to the VM. Please do not disable the adaptor or change the private IP address.
2. If you stop service or mis-configure Windows firewall/iptables setting of VMs, you might lose connection to the VMs.
Before making these operations, please get a backup. And if you lose the connection, please restore from the backup.
3. If the IP addresses of Private Network Connection (FENICS-VPN connection, DC internal connection) or client PC used as a terminal PC with VPN connection overlaps IP addresses of created systems, the connection between VM and the client PC cannot be established.
Please assign different network addresses.

SSL-VPN connection function

1. If you use proxy authentication to access the Internet, SSL-VPN console connection will fail.
Please add URLs below to exception.
-* (=https://guest-1.oviss.jp.fujitsu.com/*)
-* (=https://guest-2.oviss.jp.fujitsu.com/*)


Built-in servers

1 Action of packet capturing
When config restore, update or backout of load balance is executed during packet capturing, please note that the running packet capture is stopped due to the restart of load balancer automatically.
2 Limitation about Load balancing status of redundant load balancers
After applying redundancy configuration to load balancer, the load balancing status on the standby side is shown as "Failed" status but it is not actually failed status.
To check the redundant load balancing status, please check it on the "active" side.
3 Limitation when stopping redundancy of Firewall or Load Balancer
When stopping reduandancy of the Firewall or Load Balancer, if this message "Unable to stop redundancy since primary servers are not running. After starting server, please try again." is displayed, please re-open the System Manager System details screen.
Please refer to the Service Catalogue about limitation of the service.


Virtual Machine

1. It will show different CPU spec from actually assigned on VMs.
Please see System Manager in My Portal to check the assigned CPU spec.
2. The result of 'sar' command on CentOS shows that %steal occupies CPU resource.
Since VMs are running on virtual systems, above result is displayed. Please see System Manager in My Portal to check the actual CPU resource.
3. If you shut down Windows VMs from System Manager, it does not shut down with the regular process. Therefore, at the next booting time, a 'Shutdown Event Tracker' dialog might pop up on the screen.
4. When you start VMs from System Manager, they might not boot up (in booting process) completely even though the status shows 'Running'.
Please wait for a couple of minutes until the boot-up is completed.
5. In the case of following situation, Windows 2003 VM might not be properly shutdown.(Microsoft published)
- Screen saver is running.
- Input Dialog box of user name and password is displayed.
- Shutdown by Scheduler.


1. The billing system is calculated on the deployed VM types. The monthly charge will be the same even though commercial middleware installed on the VM by default is manually uninstalled.

SSL-VPN Console Connection

1. SSL-VPN Connection can be established only via the Internet.
Therefore SSL-VPN Connection cannot be established from the Intranet (FENICS VPN connection nor DC internal connection).
2. Since SSL-VPN Connection is only to access the network created within the service from your local machine, it is NOT to access the console on the VMs.
Therefore neither Single User Mode for Linux nor Windows Start-up menu (Safe Mode or directory service restore mode) is available.
3. When network for client terminal side or the Internet connection is busy, SSL-VPN Connection might be disconnected.
When it is disconnected, please reconnect SSL-VPN.


1. Released global IP addresses might be reused certain period of time after the release.
Please delete the DNS records before release and make sure that there is no direct access to the address.